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Technology Sectors

Consumer Internet and Mobile

As of October 2014, there were 278 Mn Claimed Internet Users and is expected to reach 302 Mn by December 2014.

As of 31st October 2014, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) report indicates that there were 935.4 million mobile connections in India. Out of these, nearly 548 million were from urban India and the rest are from Rural India.

Our experience in Consumer Internet & Mobile is very broad. Some examples include:

  • Online Recharge
  • Interactive TV Show Engagement App
  • Product Reviews App
  • Mobile Bill optimization App
  • Consumer Protection Platform
  • Online Travel Planning
  • Online Gift Cards

As per various estimates, the e-commerce industry, now valued at $16 billion, is growing at 30-40 percent each year and will top $100 billion (roughly Rs. 6,34,700 crores) in the next five years. Other than the top players, a lot of niche e-commerce players are making a difference.

Highlights of the e-commerce industry in 2014

  • US-based Amazon commits $2 billion in India’s e-commerce space
  • Softbank invests $627million in Snap deal, $210 million in Ola cabs
  • Flipkart gets $1.7 billion in funding, taking valuation to $7 billion
  • Reliance Group exits with a 12-fold increase in the original investment
  • Footfalls during festive season drop in shops in favor of e-commerce

We have worked with several E-Commerce businesses which include:

  • Private Label Apparel E-Commerce Firms
  • Large Apparel Brand E-Commerce Channel
  • E-Commerce Style Search Technology
  • Window Shopping & Curated E-Commerce
  • Industrial Product E-Commerce
  • Building Materials E-Commerce Startup
  • Beauty Product E-Commerce Startup
Software Products

Key focus areas for Software Product Companies are Big Data & Analytics, Productivity, and Communication.

“We believe that the new generation of Indian software products will have a big impact on improving government, labor, and social productivity. It will make governance more data-driven, small businesses exponentially more productive, and communities more connected.”

iSPIRT Foundation.

“The Indian software products sector is poised to enter a hyper-growth phase, with a likely minimum of 2,000 start-ups a year by 2020, as against a little over 800 expected in 2014.”


Our Software Product Experience includes:

  • Enterprise SaaS E-Commerce Platform
  • Enterprise Supplier Management Platform
  • Enterprise Plant Analytics Framework
  • Electronic Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Video Streaming & Content Analytics Technology
  • Mobile Advertising Platform
  • Data Center Server Automation Software

Software Development Skills

Full Stack Developers

Technology start-ups need full stack developers for their versatility! However, as an organization matures, it needs more and more focused skills.

On the other hand, cross-platform developers have had experience of working in more than one stacks.

Full stack mobile developers can build end-to-end mobile applications

Front End Engineers

Typical Roles:

  • UI Developers
  • Advance JavaScript Developers
  • Front-End Engineers with a focus on Performance

Typical Skills:

  • JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
  • JQuery, Ajax
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Responsive Web Applications

Advanced Skills:

  • JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.Js
  • HTML Frameworks such as Bootstrap
  • Web Services: RESTful / XML / JSon / SOAP
Mobile Developers

Android & iOS developers are in the highest demand amongst mobile developers.

We also look for advanced skills such as Frameworks, Local Storage, Performance Optimization Tools, and Back-end Development Experience.

Few developers can work on both Android & iOS platforms.

Other Technology Skills

User Experience

We understand the differences & similarities between the below roles:

  • Branding Design
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Usability
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Industrial Design
Quality Assurance

Following are the typical roles we handle in Quality Assurance

  • Automation testers including Load & Performance testing using tools such as Selenium, QTP, JMeter, etc.
  • Mobile Testing including tools specific for the same
  • Manual Testers
  • Other skills such as Scripting, Database Knowledge, etc are needed in certain cases
Product Management

Our founder is from a Product Management background. We have placed several high calibers as well as niche Product Management Professionals.

  • Domain Specific: E-Commerce / Travel / Advertising / Video / Ad Network
  • Platform Specific: Web / Mobile
  • Business Model Specific: B2C / B2B
  • Education Background specific: Engineers moved into Product Management Roles for Technical Product Management.

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