We help you achieve your goals by bringing you the right Tech Talent.


Neemtree is a Specialized Recruitment Consulting Firm in Mumbai, India, initiated and started in early 2012 as a 100% committed Startup Hiring specialist. In 11 years, our team of experts has worked together with the single goal of offering Top Quality Talent to our Clients. Our core sectors are Consumer Internet, Consumer Mobile, E-Commerce, SaaS, Fin-tech, Healthcare Tech, AI, and Machine Learning. Our focus and domain knowledge allows us to provide superior services. Our client’s portfolio includes Enterprises as well as startups backed by Marquee Venture Capital firms.

Our Key Pillars


Our employees are our core strength, and we focus on continuously developing them. We put them in positions of responsibility and encourage growth. Each recruiter of Neemtree has end-to-end recruiting responsibility and interacts with clients. We set them up for success because we believe that success makes people truly happy.


We have built the foundations to ensure that Recruiting operations can be scaled. Each of our recruiters operates at the same base level of quality and consistency. We have ensured this by building a vast knowledge base, self paced continuous learning and use of technology.

Work Culture

We have created an open and transparent work culture that offers responsibility and rewards achievement. Our recruiters are fearless both within the organization as well as when they interact with external stakeholders.


Our advisors have played a crucial role in supporting us from the beginning and guided us with their unique area of expertise. Some of them are also investors in Neemtree.

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Kamalkant Choudhury
Sadhav Shipping Ltd

Self-made entrepreneur
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Vinay Yerramilli
Lead Product Manager,, USA
Award-Winning Product Leader and Innovator
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Sreedhar Allani

Digital Platforms, Office Depot, USA
Angel Investor & Advisor

“75% of the candidates consider themselves Passive both in India and Globally. Recruitment Agencies are your best partners to reach out to Passive Candidates”