Our Expertise

Our Unique Approach

1.Intense Recruiter Training: Our Recruiters go through rigorous training on Industry, Companies, Roles, Responsibilities, Skills and Process.

2. Quality focus: We evaluate Quality of Work, Technical Skills, Academic Background, Current Company, Achievements, and more 

3. Holistic Screening: We screen for Ability, Stability, Fit, Intent, Communication Skills, Social Profile, and more 

4. Watertight Process: Our processes ensure consistent Throughput, Speed and diligent Follow-ups, at any scale

5. Strong Network: Our focus helps us curate a strong Internal Database and build a deep network with Candidates

6. Use of Technology: We use technology extensively for Candidate Engagement, Recruiter Productivity, E-Learning, Follow-ups, and Client Collaboration

We Specialised In

Lateral Tech Hiring

Hire experts for tech skills such as Software Developers, Product Managers and more

Turnkey Tech Hiring

Setup complete tech teams for a new location or project

Leadership Tech Hiring

Hire tech architects and leaders for key technology functions